Street Photography New York - Welcome To Brooklyn

New York Street Photography - Welcome To Brooklyn

Welcome To Brooklyn

Street Photography New York :

Welcome to Brooklyn

This New York Street Photography image was shot under the Brooklyn Bridge at night, after the new Welcome To Brooklyn sign was introduced. Brooklyn is now a must-see destination for New York City tourist and street photographers in NYC. After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, this is one of several entrances that you can enter into Brooklyn from. It used to be dark and gloomy, like a scene from a horror film, but now it is worthy of a NYC tourist attraction. A few Blocks from the Brooklyn Bridge, is Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is the perfect location for New York Street Photography. As a street photographer in NYC, I have spent a lot of time in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and in Dumbo, shooting images to add to my collection of NYC Street Photography images. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of my biggest inspirations for New York Photography, so shooting New York Street Photography under the Brooklyn Bridge, on the Brooklyn Bridge, and around the Brooklyn Bridge, allows me to combine the mix of elements that create beautiful NYC Street Photography images. This image was shot in color and with a digital Nikon DSLR, but if you like black and white street photography and film street photography, check out this link. If you enjoy New York Photography, and Brooklyn Photography, also visit

This image was shot with the following lens:
Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II - DSLR Lenses & (Google Affiliate Ad)

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by Daniel A. Norman

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