NYC Street Photography

NYC Street Photography

NYC Street Photography

NYC Street Photography - A New York Photo of a classic car in Brooklyn, New York. Sometimes objects like cars make excellent subjects for street photography. This image was shot in film with a Leica M7 and developed myself. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of development going on near the Brooklyn Bridge and the area now has a new park along the waterfront. If anyone visits Brooklyn during a trip to work in NYC Street Photography, walking across the bridge will provide many great street photography moments. The challenge in shooting New York Street Photography is that since so many other people are shooting street photography in the same locations, you have to be creative. The changes in lighting and the different people that come and go make it easy to always come away with a creative new, and unique image of New York City.

by Daniel A. Norman

© 2012 Daniel A. Norman | | NYC Street Photography

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