Barclays Center Station - New York Street Photography

Barclays Center Station - New York Street Photography

Barclays Center Station - Brooklyn, New York

The New Barclays Center Station, outside of the new Barclays Center on opening night. The Barclays Center opened with a series of concerts by Jay-Z a.k.a. Sean Carter, an investor in the Brooklyn Nets and also the Ambassador of the Brooklyn Nets. The Alantic Avenue train station was renamed to the Barclays Center Station because the new arena is going to attract thousands of new visitors with world class entertainment who usually wouldn't travel to Brooklyn. The opening of the Barclay Center and Barclay Center Station represents a new beginning for the borough of Brooklyn. This isn't only a new arena for Brooklyn, it's one for the entire New York City area. 

New York Street Photography at Barclays Center

New York Street Photography is one of my passions. Artists and Street Photographers like myself now have the opportunity to work on New York Street Photography around Barclays Center, as there are a bunch of Brooklyn Nets games, concerts, Disney on Ice events, boxing matches, and more already on the calendar and there is also a new place to visit for the average Brooklynite. New York Street Photography at night is usually more difficult because there is less light available, but the bright lights from the Barclays Center provides more than enough light. In the above image, instead of including the Barclays Center in the shot, I chose to capture the Barclays Center station as people arrived out of the subway. Street Photography in New York, and in Brooklyn now has a new location and the background location in a street photo is an important element. I like combining some of the iconic New York scenery with the interactions of people to make my New York Street Photography. Like Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center will be one of those locations included in iconic New York photography images. Just being around the Barclays Center on opening night, I get the feeling that something big is happening in Brooklyn.

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by Daniel A. Norman

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