Atlantic Center. Brooklyn, New York.

Canal Street, originally uploaded by Daniel A. Norman.
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Construction on Atlantic Center Mall, Brooklyn, New York.

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Anonymous said...

This is not "Atlantic Center." Technically there is no place called Atlantic Center. Atlantic Center does not exist. "Atlantic Center" was a made-up name for a proposed project to be built on top of the Vanderbilt Yards. And if that project gets built it is going to be called "Barclays Center," after the slave-trade bank anyways. This structure in your picture is NOT part of that proposed project. It is part of TWO HANSON PLACE and houses what is called "the Atlantic Center Mall." This building was supposedly completed in 2004 yet the main, grand subway & LIRR entrance is still nowhere near finished (which is what your picture shows). So much for Bruce Ratner's timetables.